Feral brute nerf?

It is possible for feral brute’s damage scaling to be capped out or given a ceiling? I get it’s part of his skill set but dealing 300million+ per hit seems rather excessive…

Poor feral brute.
He finally gits gud…

Gits gud again*

His power scaling has always been like that… same issue cropped up with epic gear feral…
Leave as is and use the counter heros :wink:

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I love watching feral take an entire line out by himself. Missed that look for him.

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I mean it’s kind of compensation due to him having both crappy white and blue skills even at ascension

What do you mean? 76k hp heal as a blue skill is grossly OP on a 26m hp hero… :roll_eyes:

It still doesnt give Feral enough time to ramp up if he’s taking damage from multiple enemies

I blame Bob

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