Filter for epic forge


Maybe PB can make a filter for the epic forge were you can select like:
-all heros
-all not maxed heros
-only able to raise level
-selected team in dungeon

If that is not that easy to implement, then maybe they can sort heros in epic forge by epic level.that brings all not maxed heros at the beginning.

Only a idea


Would be nice if it correlated to your hero’s display list main menu
I have mine there setup to either epic level or power.
If dungeon had a similar setup would make it a smidge less tedious to scroll

But then again. I run all hero’s over and over in epic then level all in tandem for cap raises, so it doesn’t cause me much issue.

New hero’s though always seem to get lost in the mix somewhere and it’s a hassle to level their epics

If only there was some sort of display which showed which heroes still had work to do, and that you had the stuffs needed to do it.

Some sort of … Red dot… Type of thing.

That’s just crazy talk.

To be faiiiir, I would like to be able to sort by

  • has a red dot / doesn’t
  • epic level ascending
  • number of crystals on a hero

Please :slight_smile:

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I’d be happy if it just floated the 5 heroes you’re currently running through epic to the top.
Really almost anything would be an improvement :slight_smile:


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