Finesse Propaganda

I’m quitting game to focus on other hobbies. Game lost it’s soul. Hope all have good year. :hugs:

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I’d already left
Just didn’t make a fuss this time.

Until some random @WaitAnotherWadda started flapping their gums on the way out.

Best news I’ve had all day
This town will be better off without us

Don’t hurry back.

"No personal attacks, or anything intended to insult or belittle another person or group of people. "

Straight outta community guidelines.

One Wadda one flag.


Sounds like bull.

Go check how long it’s been.
As the game is uninstalled, it won’t change.

Orrrrrr, don’t…
At this point I really don’t care.
I hardly did when I was playing.

It was more morbid curiosity about what the next ridiculous thing you would say would be.

Honestly? I wasnt expecting “child predator”.
Thanks for actually surprising me.


Pick one.

(And yes, everyone else that’s bored of this already… This is exactly why I’ve had enough lol)

You’re from UK. Now all makes sense. :laughing:

    No one believing either of you; but the Topics/threads are amusing. Have fun trying to trick us 😂 .

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