Five Year Anniversary Events Extended!

We’re still so excited that it is Portal Quest’s FIVE Year Anniversary that we’ve decided to extend the Anniversary events until 11:59 PM CST on 6/30.

So grab all those fun extras and we hope you’ve been enjoying the new Heroes!


Thanks a lot for the quest you should have gave us more chest to least give us a chance to catch up the little crumbs you giving us won’t help but thank you anyway


Nice work. That’ll give players time to build with less stamina. Thumbs up!


so everythin as is until June? along with double tree rewards weekly? thanks pq


That is the truth keep speaking the truth

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Yeah but the thing is they could have did more a lot better but they didn’t that small change the big stuff is what we need and it didn’t give it to us and they know

With this extension of the events you will be getting more rewards than if we had ended it at the original planned time.


Some of us could enjoy the hero toons because they have the resources some of us don’t have that option to have those kind of resources but yet they won’t give us an opportunity to get those resources because a lot of us can’t pay the resources that they need we’ve been blocked by Google so we are not able to pay for anything extra so we have to fight every day for a little more so that they give us from PQ and that’s a shame


Most players don’t remember the time back then or they turned in when it’s an expectation that the resources are there. I’ll give an example: back then PerBlue made a mistake by offering a buy of Brass Monk shards. Instead of 200 (or less) PerBlue was offering 800 shards for 19.99. This mistake went like fire in the guilds and groups so everybody was quickly buying the packages up to 3 at once. At this time you run 10 rounds of Elite Campaign and you have the same amount. So the game has become easy as it can now. Then it’s nice to see we now have to struggle again for some heroes lol


Yes, to all of the above. What were we talking about again ? Oh yeah freebies, always good those . Helpful or wanted, not always so. P.S. Was hoping for the 5th Anniversary frame though, still possible. I’d spend the diamonds on it honest !


But at that point I don’t even think 5 crystals were possible so MANY less shards needed. Farming 15-20 k shards of all three varieties is incredibly difficult

Don’t get me wrong I appreciate the extension but wish New toons were in elite to make them A bit more attainable for non hoarders or those who didn’t obtain extra resources from consolidation


Yeps new toons in Elite would really help

Need to start dropping 2 to 3 toons at a time, to allow elite resets to go further. Not this piddly 1 per week. Nobody got need to ascend Bone Baron next week… at least drop 1 good toon with 1 crap too to ease the burden of resets.

I am so excited and ready to play until the end so glad that you extended happy anniversary yay!!!


Still a question @Loutre: the 4x 4x 3x stay also right? I was in a doubt lol

Wow. So much complaining on here. Players have never had it better in this game for leveling heroes and it’s still not good enough.


So this really doesn’t help anything. New heroes with no shards unless you buy em… and only need about 23000 of em… nice catering to the rich few that spend$$… trying to make us play more instead of simplify the game more… bravo


Even spending heavily it would be difficult to get their shards :joy:

Only people that can get them are hoarders really… who funnily enough tend to be f2p

Oh how the turn tables


I agree.
I had five months off from playing (so that’s five months of lost contest rewards) and without spending I’ve gone from around 180k to 300k+ and almost all heroes built.
Without opening my wallet.

Tree being in only two elite levels per reset, and my almost pathological aversion to dungeon stopping me from grinding the dragon, is the only reason there’s still some left to do.

New ascensions (nine times out of ten) don’t break the meta.
So, non spenders can sit out the race for four weeks or more and stockpile the chests.
Then have a busy day each month catching up four or five heroes at a time.

Heck, you can wait several months if you want, and do 20 or 30 on triple elite drops… :wink:


@Loutre not to complain - but the Tree of Devotion Rewards aren’t still double - was this meant to continue as well?

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