Five Year Anniversary!

PortalQuest’s Five Year Anniversary!

Hello everyone!! It is almost PQ’s FIVE year anniversary!! Isn’t that crazy?! Five years!! We’re so excited to celebrate and have so much information to share with you on how we’re going to do that so we’ll just hop right in!

Two New Heroes Coming:

We’re going to celebrate with TWO new Heroes!

Our first new hero is going to be Magpie Mage!

Magpie Mage will be a Backline Finesse Damage Hero!

Our second new hero will be Eggsecutioner!

Eggsecutioner will be a Frontline Finesse Tank Hero!

We’ll have more info about them soon and will put that in another post! They’ll both be added to the Gold Chest as well as ascension on 4/13. We will also be adding a third Ascension Star on 4/13.

Anniversary Events!

Beginning at 9am CST on 4/13 and ending at 9am CST on 4/27 we will be having Quad Normal Drops, Triple Elite Drops, Quad Tower / Trials and Tree of Devotion rewards will be doubled!

Anniversary Giveaways

On 4/13 we will be sending everyone:

1 x Guaranteed Golden Cosmetic Chest
3 x Guaranteed Cosmetic Chest
5 x Stamp Chests
10 x Regular Cosmetic Chests
Faberge Easter Egg stamp
5 x Lucky Charm consumables
100 x Hero Shards for Magpie Mage and Eggsecutioner

It’s so crazy that it’s been five years of PortalQuest and you’ve all been an amazing community! Happy Five Year Anniversary everyone!


April Fools is tomorrow guys


As someone who’s actually been around for all 5 of those years, I’m excited to be apart of the anniversary celebration. But can you reconsider the 3rd star ascension? Or call it an April Fool’s Day joke? Because while I’m sure I don’t speak for every single player, I do know I speak for a whole lot of them when I say, we really really don’t want 3rd star ascension. It’s going to be the end of the game, I truly fear.


Not an April Fools joke.

Oh ok hmm
RIP :laughing::laughing:

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Can you make some of it an April fools’ joke?

Like the third ascension star? :grimacing::joy:


No, the third ascension star will be going live on April 13th.


Is that Friday the 13th? Oh no not this year

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I don’t know what the metrics used to measure when the server is ready for a third star, or whether you can share them.

But I’d be curious to know what they are lol


Nail in the coffin :confused:


This feels so awful because you have this exciting 5 year anniversary celebration post and all I see is the game being dead now because of the 3rd star ascension. And that’s just not happy or exciting at all :see_no_evil:. New heroes, that’s great, but why 3rd star ascension? :pleading_face:


Just look how many people quit after the second star Ascension


The new heros look awesome


All ready for 3rd star here. Been hoarding stamina/item shards/hero chests off each contest because we were overdue based on the time between the 1st and 2nd stars. Some scrap pairs are used a lot, need 16k or 17k of those, though quad campaign drops has rendered much of that hoarding overpreparation.


Ugh. What a terrible decision!

The third ascension star should NOT be released until after all heroes are unlocked for ascension.

And not a moment before. If you really are itching so badly to add the third star then please for the love of your deity of choice also release ALL heroes for ascension at the same time.

Devs, I know you can look up how much cash each player here on the forum has thrown your way in the past, so here is some valuable, direct, unfiltered feedback that may answer some questions you ought to have about why your revenue stream from me dried up a while ago: I have been voting with my wallet and if you keep this crap up, I’ll vote with my feet, too.

Did you notice that I slowed my spending to barely a trickle after the second ascension star? Check your records, that timing is no coincidence. Want to know why? Because that second ascension threw the game balance off horribly, and sucked a lot of the fun out of the game. Disenchanted players means reduced spend.

I was expecting you to release all heroes for ascension before adding more levels, because that is what a sane and competent game designer would do for the sake of passable game balance. But noooooo, you couldn’t not be stupid and you suppressed all common sense and added the second ascension. It really messed things up and drastically reduced the fun of the game. That is precisely why a lot of people left. A game is supposed to be fun, and yet you seem hell bent on squelching that.

After so many people quit the game, I had hoped you’d get the message and would get all heroes’ ascensions enabled before adding more ascension stars rather than repeating such an inept decision.

I seriously considered leaving then with all the others. I obviously haven’t quite left yet, but I’ve been on the edge for a while, hoping you’d turn this dumpster fire around. Because once upon a time the game was much more fun. And it could be again if the right decisions were made. Looks like instead you’re about to double down on dumb.

Adding a third ascension star now will make the abominable game balance we suffer from to become even worse. So f*** you very much for making that decision.

I can’t reduce my spending much more from here, since zero is as low as I can go. But now I am once again finding myself seriously mulling over just quitting the game for good. At least you gave us this announcement right before I re-upped the daily diamonds deal thing. As things stand right now, I won’t be. And hopefully I have made it clear why that is. The game balance is bad enough, but two weeks from now when this goes live it will be so destroyed that I suspect there just won’t be a single shred of fun remaining.

If we had all heroes unlocked, then we’d at least have the full palette of skills and counter skills to draw from when building lines, instead of being stuck with a lopsided carbuncle. That would be at least a little bit better balanced than this morass we have right now.

Impotent heroes with no ascension in battles with triple ascended heroes will be no fun, so that means half our rosters will be clogged with unusable heroes. And many of those heroes left behind are the ones I enjoyed playing with the most, with amusing graphics and animations, now locked away in the “useless and unascended” jail. Having half the roster’s heroes being utterly unusable is just no fun. When it was a single ascension level, the gap between have and nave not wasn’t so huge. As such, those heroes could at least still be used some of the time, but after this, no longer. Yeah, they’ll eventually be unlocked, but in the meantime increasing the gap between ascended and not is just plain foolish and further eliminates any pretense at gameplay balance.

I also acknowledge that there will be a few who disagree with some or all of my points, and that is fine. But after that third star goes live, how many of them will there be? Enough to provide the revenue necessary to keep the game alive?

Of course, maybe I am not seeing your big picture for the future of this game, and perhaps longevity doesn’t figure into it. So if instead your goal is to soundly kill this game once and for all, so that you can forget about it and move on to other projects, then please kindly ignore all of the above and instead I offer you congratulations on a job well done!


Oooo … ahhhh … ummm … okay :rofl: If you keep playing full - throttle lights out Azzclenshun loving style you get what you deserve :laughing: 2 new :thinking: ummm … :thinking: toons/heroes . Encouraging bad behavior is afterall enabling :joy:


Release All Star Ascensions! I’m ready and I retired a year ago :grin::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


The whole purpose of releasing ascension heroes 1 or 2 at a time is a cash grab and/or to make people keep playing over time rather than all at once, though it is not hard, just moderately time consuming, to keep up without any spending

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Awesome news - when everyone quits, maybe I can get top 100 in Tournament challenger using my normal I-don’t-give-two-shakes strategy towards tourney.


You need to write a book on this. You’re halfway done from here. lol

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