Flawed war matching

Once again I find that I must query the flawed “system” of matchmaking.
Instead of messing about with useless contest and asking for ideas for new heroes why not concentrate on fixing a flawed system and makin sure your guides are up to date.
Looking back on forum this seems to be a popular topic.
Do the devs ever take any notice of forum

We are on S8. The guide tells us that matching is done on crowns. This morning according to rewards we were ranked 41st.
This afternoon we find ourselves match with No 1.
No wonder people are leaving

41st just Means there’s 40 guilds in challenger and tier 1.
Or at least it appears to, as when we made it to challenger from a low start, we were picking up a high rank. Despite being poop.

Although That does Seem counter intuitive given the wording that per blue uses, so that needs tweaking.

Looking at some of their crown totals…
I am pretty sure that you aren’t 41st in a straight list of crowns.

These are the Top 20-25 guilds
By that same war rank as in the picture you showed.

Pretty Sure youre Ahead…

Adding up the number of guilds fighting today

21 Challenger teams.
14 tier 1 teams.

There are 25 challenger teams in total, so 4 are having the day off.

I doubt anyone in tier 1 is having a day off this late in the season

25 definitely in challenger.
14 in tier 1.

Equals 39 teams ahead of you.
So possibly one tier 1 team didn’t get matched, or had a reason for a holiday?
That would give the 40.

Any other tier 2 teams on s8 can chip in with Their war rank picture.

The system is badly flawed. War rank rewards and war matching are supposedly based purely on number of crown and tier is not taken into account.
As the number of crowns each guild has is a closely guarded secret except for Challenger it is rather unrealistic to count numbers in tiers. Especially as it appears possible to reach Challenger and all it’s rewards with a ridiculously low number of crown.
Dungeon Masters with 377.
The whole system is flawed

Apparently you didnt read ss, or Perblue tell lies or you know something no one else does

I’m with @DEATH_VII here I’m afraid Mici.

they are definitely ranked 41st in war crowns (unless there are some PB shenanigans going on).

for all you know there is a guild with >extra gravy crowns that are in a low tier. I mean, there probably isn’t buuutt I trust PBs code for than your maths… no offense. I could be wrong though :man_shrugging:

Wording is wrong we can agree on that but if you’re not in Challenger you will be ranked below any Challenger team in spite of crown count.

Yep. We were 7th in challenger last season (despite having a crown rating of ~300)

Aaaannnndddd we were getting #7 war rank.

Pretty sure others had higher crowns than us.
I already said per blue wording in your screenshot was wrong.
When I read it.
It was right when the rewards were introduced…
In the old (non tier) war system!!

They haven’t updated it.

Per blue is too busy introducing new stuff, to correct old stuff…
That doesn’t sound like them.
Oh… Wait…

Is it really such a hard concept to understand?

Because for @City_Hustlers_II and I, it was super easy.
Barely an inconvenience.


The hard concept to understand is that a supposedly reputable company would put misleading information in any thing.
Might be ok where you come from but it is illegal in UK to knowing input false information to a computer system.
Its called the Data Protection Act

Uk here too.

And wow, that’s really not what is happening here.
Way to escalate this to crazy town.
I get that we are all climbing the walls in boredom, but geez…

The initial text was correct when the rewards were introduced in the old crown based system.

The only “crime” per blue has committed, is not updating their text with the new war structure.

Odds are per blue haven’t knowingly noticed it’s out of date yet.
Pretty sure they are checking their code now / writing a new description for the next update.

P.s. that’s not how the data protection act works.

Please note I’m a Caldicott Guardian and the non clinical information governance lead for my GP practice.
Annnndddddd I don’t care if you want to debate it. I don’t :wink:

Lady Fiona would be extremely disappointed that a guardian who is tasked with the task of safeguarding health and medical information should feel the need to pontificate on DPA and GDPR…
As Perblue have been aware of this for more than several months they obviously dont care and have made no attempt to correct errors and factual inaccuracies. You may not feel this important but in the light of your claims it is disappointing and worrying. Possibly your knowledge is not as widespread as you think it is.
Unless of course you have an agenda to defend Perblue

Nah, not really.

I tend to view this as a pay to win mobile time sink / distraction from real life.

I’ve left many games (WWE supercard, swgoh, adventure capitalist, and more pertinently Disney heroes and puzzle force) long behind.

I’m not sure what it is about this and polytopia, Bloons, Minecraft and even disco zoo that has meant they have survived the numerous device changes and rage quits that have befallen every other app.

If I could work it out, I’d publish a game and make millions.
Instead of wasting my time on Internet forums waffling about nothing to a complete stranger.

Then standing in my kitchen approaching midnight, wondering why the heck I even care.

I’m bored of my own voice now.
I think I was being this character of Mici for so long now, that the wind changed when I wasn’t looking , and I’m stuck like this… :frowning:

Patient identifiable information.
Doesn’t necessarily have to be about their health or medical conditions.

Addresses, phone numbers and all forms of identifiable information fall into the umbrella.

It’s also not just being tasked with the safeguarding of the information.
I’m also responsible for ensuring that everyone else in the practice is adequately trained to safeguard the information too.

Scary thought, really :wink:

Why are crowns secret anyway? They say the matches are based entirely on crowns, but we can’t see what crowns anyone has until they are in challenger or we are matched. It’s a terrible method and the fact that it isn’t even transparent makes it even worse

Join the rest of us


Okay here we go…

@DEATH_VII when we fought you a while ago, you had 997 crowns.

We currently have 912 crowns.

Are you telling me @Specs that we are 7th in total crowns, but extra gravy have lost so much from their ~1000 points, that they are now 41st?

Cos we are 7th.

Take it from the like on one of your previous posts that I agree with you now

Conversion successful



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