Forge charges for epic forge

Some of the members in my guild are starting to use the Epic forge but need charges. I know the deals you can get some but what is another way to collect them.

When you find Forges in the Epic Dungeon you get charges (resetting the dungeon clears these), you can permanently unlock the Epic Forge by getting to VIP 12 and buying it (then you can buy forge charges as needed).

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There’s a perk that increases the number of charges per forge. It is invaluable if you haven’t already gotten it.
There is also a forge on every level of epic (something that not everyone in my group knew right away)
So make sure they’re hitting the forge on each level to maximize the amt of charges they’re getting.

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Only way I know to gain extra charges apart from the mentioned above is contest. Often u can get an item forgot the name but looks like a little blower thing for a fire. Each use grants 3 forge flames.
Other than that just need to farm endless for epic keys which is very common. Then run each floor use charges on each floor until u can’t go anymore then reset and do again.
Can be tedious but not overly difficult.

Also think u can only reset so many times per day before u get less charges.
I get 6 per forge and after a few hours grinding I was only able to get 3 per forge. Not fun!
Hope this helped. Good luck!


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