Forged in Fire (S1)

With the season coming to an end, Forged in Fire is looking for new members. We have open slots now and some people retiring at end of season, so we have room for you and your friends!

We are a top-20 guild looking to add new blood or even bring in an entire small guild who wants to war. If you guild is facing lots of retirements too, we would like to talk to you about joining forces.

We have all the war perks, except 20 donations. We also have all the daily check-in perks and chest perks.

  1. we use LINE for communication. It is so much more convenient than game chat!
  2. we are looking for active players who do daily check-ins, most daily quests, fortress, guild quests and war.
  3. we will gladly take lower level players if you are active.

Look for Trueth, Empress Smaug or Mathurin if interested.

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