Forget it - Nevermind


Blah blah blah, b blah blah blah… Nevermind


I have learned that after a year, mobile games go to the pits, and just hang on by a thread throughout the rest of its life.

But yeah, you’re definitely not the only one.


Ha ha ha very old


Not PVZ 2,PVZ Heroes,and Sonic Forces:Speed Battle



Oh no
Adam exposed you :wink:




I was talking to the other one


I was talking to Lexi_Roman Numeral 2



Surely this is the nadir?
I can’t see how much lower it can go.

Although I’ll probably find out when I wake up tomorrow.

To be faiiiir , I agree with Jessa and her original hidden post.
I also understand why she chose to edit it.

Perhaps I should have stayed away from this place.
Then I could have remembered it how it used to be.