Fortress completion next to impossible!

What is the deal with Fortress? I’m the team leader and attack fortress every day yet as soon as I have only 1 team left to beat ( and beat it) bam another fully equipped team shows up to beat so I beat it and bam another team to beat to the point that it happens 3 or more times and my line ups are depleted with yet 1 more team to beat! How then can anyone defeat the Fortress?
This is super frustrating to the point I don’t want to play. Anyone…

Ermmmm… that sounds normal

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It’s how you earn flags.
First 2 teams earn 1 flag, last team earns 5 flags.

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Fortress largely should be done with your guild members to spread around the Hero cost since you can’t use the same ones twice. The number of lines is dependent on how big your guild is and what difficulty the Fortress is set to. The more members you have the more lines show up with each line having three parts to defeat before completing it.