Fortress Improvements


I think that having a daily for 5 hits in the fortress would be great incentive for players to do more of it. On the other hand it’s complicated for players (at least myself and my guild) to hit more than 3 times. Personally I can only completely hit once then I use all my good characters and have 3 left (I have 8 all together). Now i don’t know if that’s a lot of characters for only being level 33, should I have more? Anyway, using my first set of characters, it won’t allow me to use them a second time. I have to use other less powerful ones. I think changing the restrictions on how many times you can use a character should be changed. More XP, gold, and exp is good (also having more daily’s per 10 levels would be nice) but I think changing the restrictions on how many times you can use a character in the fortress would be beneficial and make people play more. Especially when you have people in the guild that can clear a row no problem but can’t do it again unless we have more characters.


Ouch. That was pretty salty. Maybe way too honest


You will definitely get more heroes as time progresses. You won’t have to worry about having too few. The low number of heroes is another reason why the daily could be character or guild level based, however. As otherwise it will force lower players into using too few heroes per attack. You will get more though. There are about 40 in the game, as I am sure you are aware. And if you hire in each attack, you can make >10 attacks each.


If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. Fortress has a good system atm and adding more ways to micromanage it will ruin it.

I do like more incentives for players to hit it as it will reward everyone. But yea there shouldn’t be any timers on lines or whatever. Every game naturally has these situations such as “omggg u STOLE my kill >:c”


I have to agree with your doubts about the lineup timers, I was unsure about those as well.

I do think fortress should be changed, although it has less priority as for example some bugs that are still pending. It isn’t broken, but if a lot (and I think it’s the majority) of people becomes too lazy to attack in it on their own accord, something’s wrong.


So essentially when it comes to fortress it’s not about wether or not we complete it in one sitting but spreading our attacks to do the most damage so everyone can help. I did not know by hiring you can get more attacks in. I’ll remember that for next time. I’ve been trying to learn about this game because I like it a lot. Thanks for the help.


A really simple way to deal with line theft and partial lines is not locking them but rather changing the battle reward structure.

Once any player has killed at least one defending hero in a line, they become the owners of that line. If the owner clears the line to take the flag, they are awarded the entire power, gold and a percentage bonus on both (based on original line). If any other player clears the flag, they are awarded a reduced amount of gold and power. Simples.

If you want to be really pedantic, the owner status could auto cancel after 15 minutes.


FaFair enough and das a pretty good.


My only suggestion is, make it worth spending time for it. It is absolutely not motivating in the actual way the fortress was designed. Very easy is still so rediculously hard for players with lower levels. Rather bring some better transition for low level guilds to high level guilds.
Get rid of exhaustion, let our teams fight till they die.
Bing some loot for contribution. Bring special enemies, not waves of rolled standard minions in high end level gear.
Take heroes as example. Thank you!