Fortress is Ridiculous!


This is how our fortress look like all the time. And there is no chance to win against it as our highest player only level 125. We already change it to very easy and its still the same. Can someone explain me this? :relieved::confused:



Tournament is supposed to sync up with Fortress to fill those lineups
The higher average league for tournament your guild members are in should correlate to that.

Seems there have been some issues with that format though
Some guilds get extremely difficult lineups, whereas other guilds face ridiculously easy teams even on the same difficulty

Id suggest putting in a ticket from support menu in app

If they can fix it they’ll let you know

It’s not fair tbh to see things like that and I know how annoying it is
Hope they manage to resolve it for you


Some changes occurred to fortress with the last update. We were told this morning that the fortress issues are being looked into.


As long as they keep blockbuster as it is :sunglasses: the amount of players that can now fill the progress bar is ideal, way better for the whole guild rather
then 11 players getting dibs on the best stuff :wink:


I agree with you! But many are unhappy about the struggle now to complete it. I personally prefer the challenge in return for better rewards. I :heart:️ gold!


It’s a literal goldmine at the minute… 1 million per fight 294 fights to do… Spreads out well between all players in a team :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Something is indeed wrong with fortress, it in no way reflects teams in tourney as its meant to. Completing it on harder is difficult for my guild. The gold is nice but lower guilds need the fortress rewards to level up toons.


The lines aren’t even lines that people use. It seems like nearly every line is an auto-line (highest powered team that someone has).


Pesky guardians


As of patch 3.2… The logic for filling fortress lines is changed to …

“made it less dependent on Royal Tournament, it was using the old Arena logic that kept expanding the matchmaking team power until it found someone
so it will try a few times to grab from the Royal Tournament bucket, and if it cant find a lineup from there its reverting to the Arena bucket sooner”


So basically… The logic is grabbing more lines from Arena than RT


Fortress is fine… For full guilds with 2m power players
Little guilds sure I can see the issue
But for the first time in months it’s back to being a fun part of the game for quite a few teams

It’s not called blockbuster because it’s easy, the
Challenge makes pq enjoyable :joy::joy:


We failed to finish it 2 days in a row after the change becuase people were used to just hitting a couple of lines and thats it.
Now we have to actually put a little effort in. It’s annoying.

But also, if majority of those members in high powered guilds are not doing RT and in like copper or silver tier or something, then the lines in fortress will mainly be high powered repetitive arena lines… Which makes it… Kinda silly.


I blame Bob


Actually I blame the programmer that tweaked the settings in a sandbox server and ran apparently none / minimal testing into how about actual guild made up of members of various ability and progression would cope with the sudden influx of lines that are so strong and super powered throughout the whole fortress.
Some people have 5 - 10 heroes built and beyond that struggle to put together lines to hit the same meta over and over and over.

But that takes too long to write, is slightly rude and no one is going to pay any attention.


Pesky Bob.