Fortress raiding

@Polaris could we get some clarification about fortress raiding (how it works, amount of raids etc)?

From some very brief tests it seems like we can only raid lower power teams, and we only get limited raids (3 - just reread patch notes lol)

If you could clarify would be wonderful.

I’m loving the favourite heroes feature though


Looks like you get 3 raids and the Raid becomes available when your team is stronger than the enemy team

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Each players gets 3 raids per Fortress, and the attacking team must be a higher power than the opponent. It’s a guarantee win and the heroes in the attack are marked as used.

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I was very excited about the favorites feature, unfortunately PerBlue didn’t utilize it where it was needed most, in the hero selection in war! Lining up would be a lot faster and less of a headache if we didnt have to search through 118 heros everytime we line up.

Also, a double fast forward button (like in tournament) would make fortress about 80% less unbearable. Come on perblue! You guys are going in the right direction though, and thank you for the recent changes!

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A new forum account eh…I see you Purp :stuck_out_tongue:



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Love you too Purp :kissing_heart:

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