Fortress - Server 1 - Shows me having 5 extra Heroes



When I have used all my Heroes, Fortress (on Server 1) tells me I have 5 Heroes left.

Am I the only one experiencing this?

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Pics or it didn’t happen


Are you sure you don’t actually have 5 heroes left?


Did you DC at any point? I think that can cause stuff like that.


Good point!

Next time it happens I deliver the Pix.



Asking for pictures from random strangers is one of my most fun activities in PQ :wink:


I know many TLAs (or MLAs), but what does DC mean?



Like fleeing in war.
There were one or two ways to trick the fortress into thinking the line had been hit, but you kept most of your heroes so you could hit multiple times with the same people.


To be faiiir i was never shown this one (or two), as the guilds I was in either didn’t need it, or didn’t care about fortress.

One way is definitely busted and patched.
As you have found out by your accidental DisConnect.

It used to be that you got those five heroes back :wink:



I experience quite a lot of unwanted and unrequested Game Exits (or are they DisConnects?).

As. Entioned before, on IOS…

Is such a GE or DC the reason I might end up with PQ showing me having 5 Heroes that I can’t (couldn’t) actually use.

I don’t use exploits or cheats on MultiPlayer games.

I do use them in Single Player games, to see and experience everything in the game, even though I might not have the needed skills.

Thanks again for the explanation!