Fortress speed x5

Me again…

I find Fortress is becoming more and more time consuming with more and more hero’s being added.
I’m not one to just auto pick and go. I prefer to get the most out of my heroes. I mean that is the point yea?
Anyways. Could just be me but I’m finding Fortress is becoming mind numbing and very time consuming considering its a daily thing.
I feel like it’s groundhog day everyday with Fortress.
And it’s only going to take longer with every wave of new hero’s. But again that’s my gripe.

I’d like to suggest upping speed of Fortress more. Like boots of speed for dungeon to x5.
Not a major ask but I feel is warranted with how many hero’s we have. I guess the initial speed is outdated and was more suited to when the game was younger.

Any other thoughts on improving Fortress community folks?


Fortress raids!!


Did think about that but maybe was asking a little too much.
But yes I agree!
Fortress raids!


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