Forum Competition: Unlikely Best Friends

In our latest competition, pick two Heroes that you think would be best friends despite obvious differences. Write a short summary explaining why they’re best friends and you could win a prize of 10,000 Diamonds, 100 Trial Resets, 100 Tower Resets, 300 million Gold and 300 million Hero XP!!

The competition will close on Wednesday, November 25th, at 9:00 CST. We’ll select the three most interesting entries to receive the grand prize. Have fun!


Mo and PB would be best friends when PB buff him, despite their obvious despise of him. Poor Mo. #JusticeForMo

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Panda and infernessa they have a very lustful relationship. Panda tries his best to resist the urge of her charm but he cannot. This love hate relationship whilst in battle is soon forgotten, once battle is over they cosey up on the sofa with the latest chick flick, food and good bottle of red wine. Freinds or more than? You decide🙂


For me Valkyrie ,papy stoley they are the friends I love most because they never betray my confidence in the war , I love to play and adore the swordsman, and the great performance is distinguished by its unique strength Thank you, heroes

Loyal Squire and friendly spell binder. Squires a hot head. And never gets any attention or goes out on new adventures any more. His people no longer see a use for him and his eargness. He now just sits alone growing old with no social visits or eargness to help feeling useless. Spell binder is a friendly soul loves to meet new people and help where she can. She hears the news of a new adventure and a handsome reward to find the Loyal Squire and how he’s been living alone with no friends and to bring him back and encourage him to come back and join up with new friends, that would help him overcome his lose. He had grown to hate all the heros that rose to the top and felt useless. Binder set out to find him. She looked for days in the wilderness and was becoming weak and knew she was close to finding him. Binder had fell weak and collased. Would she make it, would someone find her? Loyal was out hunting and there lay binder weakened and helpless. Loyal knew this was a witch and avoided them at all cost. He decided help her. He took her to where he was living and nursed her back to good health. They spent alot of time together and grew as friends, inspite of her being a witch. They found common ground and began a new adventure.

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I think that Twilight Archer and Silver Saber would be good best friends. Despite Twilight and Silver being separated by Snipers and Warriors and also competing heavily against one another of who’s the most powerful Elven fighter, they both really like socializing with one another in their Elven clans. Twilight would talk about her trainings and the many confirmed kills she had using her Living Arrows. Silver would also talk endlessly about how she outbeat many of her clanmates and the many dragons she slayed. They would then switch outfits with each other like Twilight’s Bavarian Outfit and Silver’s Defiant Drummer outfit. In war, they would always back up each other as Twilight would snipe enemies from afar while Silver would dominate the melee parts of the battlefield, slicing through each Hollow enemy as she performs sigils over time.


Flint lock and wandering sword

He still hasn’t found the legendary warrior who gave him that invaluable piece of advice

Carnivore and any of the Phoenixes :wink:

Father Forest and Infernessa, because despite Smokey the Bear’s counsel to him the Old Grewt is a really lonely ent

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Well obviously it’s got to be

Oasis guardian and sizzle phoenix!

Oh… Wait…


Never mind.
Carry on.

Hail wale and dr Carl nivore

Ginger Beard and Twilight Archer… Dwarfes and Elves, and Lord of the Rings shows us how it’s done <3

The sparkle pony and the rogue Bowman would make good companions. The bow man scared of unicorns and gets into self damaging situations and the pony can heal him and always be by his side during a battle.

I think Frost Biter and Beatrice would make an unlikely friendship cause one loves the cold and the other being the cute little bee she is can’t survive in the cold but I think Frost Biter would find a way to help his unlikely new friend survive the cold temperatures without doing any harm to himself because he is just that cool of a person and has such a great big heart and wants to believe everyone could come together and unlikely or not just become the bestest of friends in an awesome world of trying to trust new people and trust that everything will turn out ok in this new a crazy world that not only are characters live in but that we all are living is and they will find a way to get back to the old normal style of life while they are saving their worlds!

I would say that stone guard and ice berg would be friends because they can be the toughest wrestlers ever.

I like Mohawk and Forest. together they are known as Mo-fo !!!



When Beep Borp got in trouble and landed in the Ember.
Baa-Zooka was just frollicking around with his rocket and ran in to him.
They had some baa-d smal talk en made even some Baa-der jokes.
And when Baa-Zooka finaly finds out what Beep Borp was he decides to help him out.
From that moment Beep-Borp loves his new made friend.
They have joined forces to fight everyone that stamds in their way.


I think Grimelda Reaper and Granny Gardener are friends cuz they’re both around the same age their friends because they care for each other and do all this wild things together

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Wandering sword and Hare raiser-one of my favorite stories as a child was the tortoise and the hare and even in battle would stand true in all aspects of the strong yin and yang effect while
both making up in there differences and prevailing at the end!

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Yes, please merge s11 in with us.

It’ll be funny :wink:


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