Forum Contest Brainstorm

We’re interested in having regular forum contests and want your feedback and suggestions! Maybe you’d like to see another creative contest (Ember’s Summer Vacation), or maybe you would prefer Portal Quest trivia. If you have any ideas or suggestions, please let us know.


Trivia definitely

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Making up backstories for new heroes contests…


Contest for who can guess when the next server will open?

My guess is never …


I would think mici would win any such contest

Trivia would be great like guessing which shared skill goes with which hero. Maybe for the people who got all the questions correct, they get diamonds or chests

What about a contest where you falsely get other people banned. Something like 20 points for a message hidden, 100 for a 24 hour forum silence, then 400 for a forum permaban. First to 500 wins. Think we need some more rivalry and animosity in the game.


I would win. I have so much incriminating chats screenshotted, tucked away in a folder for when I need them lol

Drat! Darn and poopernickels

Server 11 might merge with 10. But if that’s the case, a new server will be made to replace s11

Hmmm. Maybe… Create your own hero. You get to draw your own hero and skills. Whichever 3 has the best unique hero gets diamonds or their hero ingame.

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No, it won’t.
It will just become s10.

Then eventually S8 :wink:

I think maybe portal quest trivia.

Is it a coincidence that someone bumped this and the very next day we get a forum trivia contest??? :thinking:


Developers move at a glacial pace

New hero contests, player votes/ likes determining winner. I’ll even get it started: a rock n’ roll orca named WillyBeFree whose skills are all geared toward phoenix/penguin elimination, yay!

Well you got Hail instead. Something like yours right :joy: