Free name change


I got charged for the free name change. Please don’t give out false information


EXACTLY. And they gave just 2 freaking stam packs after 2 hours of waiting for one update. How amazing


Hahahah that’s too funny :joy::joy: tragic but funny nonetheless


We have a fix for the name change issue. We’ll be doing a server restart tomorrow morning. Sorry about the confusion!


Thank you. Much appreciated


what were you expecting? … it covers the cost for anyone who missed a free stamina check-in reward


shouldn’t this thread be closed since it was an unintentional mistake and they are correcting it? … and players need to get over the inconvenience of a longer than expected server update when we have been compensated for the missed free stamina


Free name change was fixed with the update this morning. Anyone who spent diamonds on a rename since the 3.1 update will get a refund.