Free to play servers


With all the mergers going on. It would be great to split the free to play people to their own server(s). That way they don’t feel the pressure to compete. Or to just quit the game altogether. Because they cant keep up with the people that pay to play the game. That way there’s good competition between each group of players.

I myself just can’t afford to keep buying packets to keep up with them. I did buy a few packets to try and remain competitive. But there’s no way that I can keep it up.

So please consider this as you move forward with your server merging. And who knows. Maybe in the future you could do something like the playoffs between all of the top guilds from each server. And have a grand reward for the best guild overall.


An only free player server would be fun, yet I see no benefit for the company… After all, they are a business.


My idea was a server that stops at level 90, with Orange heroes.

Epic them if you must.

People could still splurge to get maxed first.
But everyone will eventually catch up.

In an ideal world, people could choose to move to a “normal” server, if they eventually wanted to.

I would love to be on this server.