French Speaking Guild

Hi I have a guild member that speaks French so it is very difficult for me to communicate with him as I only speak English. I know he wants to move guilds to one that is either a French guild or one that has French speaking members. I have no clue on how to help him or how to find a French speaking guild. I have searched the word French in guilds as chances are if there was a guild called French then the members would likely be French and there is a few called French but all inactive. Could someone tell me how to help him please or if you know of any french guilds I could direct him to.

Get on discord with him and use a translator bot :wink:

Yea was thinking of line app as we have that but he dosnt could try that mate but I think he wants to be in a guild with French speakers. I will try the line app thing and see if he goes for that. Thankyou SueyJitSu

I used to have several German members and I used google translator. It takes a little longer to have a conversation but it’s worth it

Once did a guild merge with a Spanish speaking guild.
Discord made translations easy. Pity the merge wasn’t lololol

#sueyjitsu soy hispano, juego con todo mi gremio de habla inglesa y uso un traductor instantaneo en el teclado de mi telefono para comunicarme con ellos… tambien uso una app para traducir lo que hablan… se tarda muy poco y al principio cuesta pero es cuestion de practicar…