“Friendly” heroes

Regarding Heroes that have the (faction) friend purple skill; will they still buff their (faction) friend heroes that are Ascended to +1 or +2 in combat as they would a non-ascended hero?
Asking for a friend. :joy: :joy:

No. All friendships will be eliminated in the next patch … whether between toons or players :roll_eyes:

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It’s easily checked.
Get someone in your guild to post a random line / hero.

Attack that line with an ascended hero by themselves.
Note the damage they do on their first hit.

Now put in an appropriate “friend” backline hero.
Attack again.
Note the damage your original hero does on their first hit this time.

Like anything level related, you will notice that the “friend” hero does less of a boost to the higher level guys.

To answer your question fully…

Yes. The skills still work @Luminary_Drifter_VII But, not as effectively :frowning:

This is why the order of ascension needs to be reviewed @Loutre

So many heroes making the jump have non level critical skills.

Poor “friends”

Poor noob, knowing as he grows up, he won’t be ascended any more.
I’m guessing to advance to a knight, he had to prestige? Or like other RPGs when you change “Jobs” you start with zero skills??

Poor lion.

Poor, poor, poor lion.
From one of the most useful heroes, to a shadow of their former self.


Yay, glad to see the booger king get his comeuppance. Hope he and Stone have some fun convos :joy:

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Very much agree with last ! Also; what has “Friendly” ever had to do with this game :thinking:


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