Friends lists change

Not sure if this has been posted before but let’s try anyways.
I have a reasonably large friends list and find that it’s a bit of a pain to be friends who’s names starts with the lower scale of the alphabet.

I also find that I miss a LOT of unread messages.
Not entirely sure why but I generally look for the number next to my friends name… that states unread messages it seems it doesn’t. Often appear.

I’d like to suggest that unread messages appear on the very top of your friends list… or at least in a sub tab like a drop down tab.

Much love xoxo

It’s been posted before …

By you
24 minutes before this

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Why make 2 posts?

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Mhmm thought I deleted that. Was meant to be here.

Friends lists? What is this about friends? We are at war here.Friends today, make for frenemies tomorrow.

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