Froze and kicked out of a match at the keep during guild war


Hi, my username is Boss Slayer and I was fight in a keep match which I was winning then when I was down to their last player my game froze and kicked me off line. When I came back on it had said I lost which I had my howling, hex, pony and scoin and was about 1200 power stronger than the person I was fighting. Just wondering if anything could be done for that. Thank you for your time.


I don’t think they can see the outcome of that fight until the fight ends, which means they don’t really have a way of knowing whether your attack was successful or not, and whether your disconnection was on purpose or not. Because of that, I don’t think you have much chance for compensation.

If you’d still like to try it, send them a ticket in game (they don’t handle reports on the forums). To do that, click your hero portrait, scroll down and open support. Open a random faq title and click the conversation icon in the top right corner.




I know!
It’s a travesty!

Not using capital letters on the first word of your post.

I’m appalled.