Fury Propaganda

I propose PB stops the fury Propaganda and realizes focus is a faction. :joy:

New furry toon, new fury ascend, new fury ascend, new finesse ascend.

Focus ascends! Brute, Rogue, and Hex.

Except they’re trash because PB refuses to buff stats. :joy:

Fury is1,827,920x PL champion too!

Swash, Noob, Punk, Skull spam in challenger ARENA

Where’s the focus love at?

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Shield maiden wants a word


Rogue and brute I wouldn’t call bad either :joy:


Not to their face, anyway…

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Brute has about 30 mil health.

His blue skill heals him for 76k.

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Imagine they ascend Panther…

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Skull has 41mil health. His green gives him 25k more attack. Your point?

There’s a point to wadda?
I thought they were a forum troll, like me… :thinking:

No. Only more Fury never less. Fury til it hurts. Fury forever !

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