Future Contest PQ

You think that will be what like contest this week-end ?

Odds are it’s a gold and experience contest.

Unless PB decide to mess with us

Guild contest?

It would suit me if it’s gold and xp :slight_smile:

Guild Dungeon

I would like that. Cuz you can buy other contests. This one u actually have to work for…

That’s why a lot of players , and mostly per blue, like the other contests.

Because we can buy them

And they can make more money.

Yeah…pass on that.

Unless I err: Scraps, Dungeeon, PLs, Gold/XP, Stam/Diamonds. As last contest was last on list and the feeling of dread for me only deepens, until the welcome relief of PLs and joy of Gold, believe it’s s craps

The regular contests types are typically around 3 weeks apart
Diamond/Stam 1 week
Scraps 2 weeks
Gold/ XP 3 weeks ( so this one is likely )
Guild contests have been 7(ish) weeks apart and we’re at 6 weeks

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