Fyber help! 😣 Help Me please

How complete fyber mission on my different accounts??? Help me


That works?


When you finish a fyber, the account you’re currently on, gets the rewards
So login to the account you want the rewards to be in, then finish the fyber


Thanks for help turtle :turtle:, but I don’t understand explain me better please brother. thanks you are the best on this!

The offers already describe what you need to do to complete it…
If you have multiple accounts the rewards will always go to the account you’ve completed the offer with…


The rewards will go to the last account that you were in / that you next automatically log into when you open PQ after fiber tell perblue that you completed it.

I did so many offers started on S9 to get a starting boost

Then I’d do a war hit on s1 last thing at night, and play the fyber game without thinking later

The deal would pay out
I’d open PQ and my rewards would be sitting on my s1 mailbox.

Aaaannnndddd per blue won’t / can’t help.

So either use two devices, or don’t run multi accounts

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So it’s a gamble :wink: interesting

All I can add is that it is helpful to have much fiber in your diet. A guy on DS told me that.

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