Fyber offerwall sucks


I’m pretty sure I’m not the first and I won’t be last to say that Fyber sucks. I’ve spent the last hour trying to get compensation for two offers. All I got was an automated email. If a company you guys are using isn’t fufilling their duties why tf have them. It wasn’t a complete waste of time on my part, I got some cigars. It would have been nice to get those diamonds too though. Fyber Sucks.


First of all, there’s nothing Perblue can do about what Fiber does.

Take pictures of everything, reply to their emails with those pictures proving that you fulfilled the objective. This has never failed for me.


If your going to commit to a fiber deal…

Screen shot how many gems before accepting it
Screen shot the download (if it’s a game)
Screen shot of starting it
Screen shot of completing it

Keep a detailed log of all of it because fiber will fight you tooth and nail to keep what’s rightfully yours.

I’m still owed 7500 gems by them for a final fantasy game deal. Every email goes the same as you’ve stated…
Generic bot response.

With proof you can swing it… Without they will waste your time

I stopped doing fiber deals after that moment but it’s best to be prepared


I make sure I heavily document every step with screenshots. Ss’s of original offer along with amt of diamonds and offer requirements. SS of downloaded game, ss of account user name. Make sure the game or offer is linked to your email or Facebook. That’s how they track and verify the requirements have been met. Make sure you also take a ss of the completed offer (ie…required level met). I have received at least 99% of the diamonds.
The only problem I am having now is I completed so many offers that every time I try to access the offer wall it pops up that no offers are available. Has anyone else had this happen?