Game Bots For Portal Quest

I was wondering if Bot Accounts/Bot Run Accounts in PQ are a thing/possible. There are games out there where it’s possible. The basic idea to my understanding, although I can be wrong on some/many/all details, is that they accomplish a list of preprogrammed and given commands. The reason I ask, is that I’m currently in a Guild where several accounts, I can confirm, are run by people actually using their fingers. But it seems that several accounts just do certain basic stuff like check in, show some activity, and possibly do Daily Quests. And that’s about it, ranging to some/occasional activity to no activity for War, Fortress, Portal Lord’s, and the Guild Contest. I’m just putting this out there as a thought and question. So what do you all think?

Theoretically possible to write a macro to do it, yes.

But unless you wrote several, every day would be identical

A bot running a war hit would be… Interesting

In any other game this would be cheating but for this 5 yr old game, devs no longer seem to care or have the resources to hunt beyond low hanging fruit like open admissions to this type of activity.
Oh, and I read this thread only because the servers seem to have crashed. :sweat_smile:

Too many clicks. Must automate.

Bot - tle fed bot - tle field

Beep, beep.

I am Robo Lemony. Sock Puppet Empire good, whale bad.

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