Game crash during war

Was about to fight in the war when my fight wouldn’t load and just crashed, I closed it down and when I went back on it said under attack, however it said this for at least 10 minutes when it went off it showed that the 1st wave on the line where dead and took the attack points off me as well as put me down as a loss. I didnt even fight the line so how was it my fault? Heard it’s happened to others so will they be fixing the problem?

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If your game crashes or if you leave during the fight the game will count it as a flee, but I thought he would kill NPCs only at the 2nd flee.

Edit: Red Retreat Icon?

Third flee.

You get the first two free

Yeah this happens a lot. I know i have seen dozens of video proof of it. I am not sure if they were ever sent to CS though.

Refresh the game before you attack in war…
Don’t do any unnecessary things before that…
That did the trick for me :sweat_smile:

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Confirmed, it happens sometimes when you played the game for a while then go into war. Or when you switch a lot between apps. (Even with an 8Gb RAM device)
To be 100% sure, that crash don’t happens just do a fresh START OF PQ.
If you don’t do that there’s always a tiny chance it craches … let’s say 5%