Game crashing , royal tournament

am i the only one with issues? 12-25-2018

I am too lazy to link to the threads already posted in the last week or two.
But then you were too lazy to scroll down the topic list of the forum.

So… I’ll just stick to no.
It’s not just you.
Submit a ticket in game.

I’m too lazy to link to how to do that too.
But it’s mentioned on here.
A lot.

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No. You are not alone in that problem.

The Royal Tournament crash should be fixed in the 3.2 game update. You can avoid the crash by doing the following:

Open Royal Tournament and tap to the Attack window where you set your attacking team. Select the 1,2,3 to view those line-ups and then select Fight.

found my problem to tournament crashing game, after i set a “full” defence teams of 5 heros each instead of just 1-4 each . no more crash , don’t kno how to link threads , barely kno how to do this :upside_down_face:

Same with myself and others in my guild, with thw tournament crashes. Then it takes away your turn. Its also happened during war. I won the battle, the game crashed. I went back and it said I lost the battle plus or wouldn’t let me use those heroes again. Cause they said I already used them. Such BS!

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No, you’re not the only one with crashing issues. It happens when I try to go into dungeon. Maybe not as frequently, but still happening

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