Game crashing with essences

I tried opening a ticket and you responded with irrelevant suggested links and then closed the chat so to the forums I come again…

The game freezes and crashes every time I try to go to my essences in my inventory, as well as every time i try to equip a single essence on a toons honors. All of the usual force stop/restart phone tricks aren’t working to solve the problem and it is happening for other players too.

Please fix?

Have you tried clearing cache?

Yes, I have cleared cache.

Keep in mind that for every 1000 unequipped essences you should expect to wait around 5 seconds just for the list to appear. The game will appear frozen when you simply need to wait a few moments. Solution to avoid this would be to use “equip all” and never summon the full list. This problem will only get worse so long as the number of essences gained from sign in/contests exceeds that needed to top off ascension heroes…

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It happens when you have thousands of essences… Inventory is toooooooo slow and u can’t see, scroll, select or equip manually the honors cause the list don’t show …
There is a kind of timeout or a variable overstuck … perbue didn’t expect you get that amount of essences :grin:

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Perblue didn’t expect …

  • gold overflow
  • experience overflow
  • total power overflow
  • essences overflow

Ever get the feeling we should have left by now?

End date PQ :

  • January 2020 - nah we still have 4 servers
  • August 2020 - nah the virus ain’t over yet.
  • December 2020 - it still ain’t over yet let’s plan another merge or even 2.
  • August 2021 - Oh gosh still not everyone quit yet and Mici is going to whale.

Almost sounds like there’s still someone being guilty over letting us go :wink:

I have £200 in my bank account, to feed a family of four, until Thursday 29th.

Don’t get me wrong, that’s £100 a week.
It’s manageable. I’m not complaining, or crying about that.

What I am saying though, is that there is certainly no margin in that budget for the Google play store, or Per Blue.

If I had more disposable income, yes I possibly would have bought a £10 card this month to help my new account level up a second meta, orrrrrr even just to equip a full set of essences on the first five.

But that would have been it.
Any developer expecting to earn a living off my contributions is in for a lean year lol

Anyways, I have put off housework long enough.

In closing:
I’m sure my total spend over the four and a quarter years of PQ is less than some peoples monthly spend.

More power to them.

Thank you to everyone that “incentivised” per blue to keep this ill-prepared, broken mess of a Skinner box time sink paradox game running for as long as it has.

I’ve loved every minute.

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