Game Down April 12

@Loutre any news on when game might be back up

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Looks like it’s still down

It is still down. I just let the team know so they can see what’s up and get things sorted.


I’m confused. It’s been down for over 7 hours and you JUST let the team know

“Just” as in that’s my part of the job done.

To be fair, if it is down overnight and they have “just” this minute got into work, it could be that.

But to me I “just” let the team know means…
I am the support agent.
I cannot fix the server.
I let the team know it’s down, and they fix it.
As in my role is just to let the team that can fix it, know that it is broken.

Gotta love the English language @Lil_Marbury_VI
Pesky explorers ruining the indigenous peoples of the New World …
Then building empires and stealing words they liked from the Europeans…

Ooh. Fetches popcorn

Still down :frowning:

When I’m down for this long, I find chocolate helps…

Not completely their fault. They can’t help being colonials

But they could try

And chocolate ALWAYS helps

They’ve got to hack through the spaghetti code to insert two new heroes.

They haven’t had to do that for two years, and several people have left since then…

Maybe they forgot how to do it.

Ate all my maltesers :persevere:

Due to children and nephews, there are currently nine Easter eggs in this house, and my wife has informed me that I’m not allowed to eat them and replace them before the weekend.

It’s torture


Thanks @Samm. Heres hoping its a bit smoother as the week unfolds, maybe an uneventful long weekend for everyong :crossed_fingers:

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It’s back up! We’re looking into why it went down now, but most likely just a server hiccup and nothing too serious. We’ll be sending out a compensation for the downtime shortly.

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1000 stam!! That should get all my defenses and metas up to snuff with 3 Star Ascension tomorrow…

… said nobody ever :grin:

Hoser, shush you :laughing:

Considering some were unable to grab final tree of devotion rewards and sign in rewards - it does seem a bit light in compensation (not to mention the extreme shortening of guild war as many couldn’t access to participate) 8 h+ of downtime is more than a minor convenience

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Bro, is Jaded even real? Lololol :kissing_heart:

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