Game down Mar 13

@Loutre game is down today it seems

Looks like it just went down 6 minutes ago! We’ll have a restart in about 10 minutes to get it back up.

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What will happen to war attacks that were underway when game went down?

If you feel anything is missing or there has been an issue please message support so we can look into your account, but otherwise the game was only down for about 20ish minutes.

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Apparently it’s down April 12 too - for at least 2 hours so far. Can you get us update @Loutre in est time to fix. Many lost ability to grab last tree of devotion or check in

Wondering @Loutre if this is a sign of how war and however many ppl trying to ascend toons will go. Will the servers actually be able to handle it :thinking:

They’re on AWS which is technically very scalable. But they’re trying to cheap out :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Ah. New conspiracy theory.

The people that have spent, and will continue to spend will stay and play.

The people that aren’t as financially invested will stop playing.

So now the annual server capacity contract is up for renewal, lower the amount of space needed, push non spenders out with server issues and widen the gap with a third star.

The people that spend will stay and pay.
The people that don’t will leave.
Less space needed equals cheaper server bill…

Am I close? :wink:

Server is back up! Thank you guys for the pings! We’ll be sending out a compensation for the downtime soon

Most likely was just a hiccup in the server and nothing crazy. We’re looking into it more now that it’s back up as that was first priority. No need for conspiracy theories.

Lol But as she doesn’t even play anymore thats all she can offer. Some still play and enjoy the company of their teammates regardles of the mishaps of the game…those that play together, die together slowly till the end.:blush:

Oh I agree.
They are not needed.

But they are fun.
Most people know that my tongue is firmly in my cheek with these comments…

I have a lot more to offer :slight_smile:
Also… That’s a pretty compelling egg… :wink:

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