Game exits Randomly



I have been experiencing this problem more frequently now, after the last update/patch.

The game exits randomly, from any area of the the game.

I experience this regardless of server.

I am currently on an iPad Air, latest IOS version (12.1.3).

Anyone else having similar issues?

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Apple Users hehe


Me too it really is bad in the epic forge


If there is a Non-Facebook way to transfer my accounts to Android, I would do it in the blink of an eye.


Yes, FB is a easy way, you can just create a temporary fake FB.

But you can also link your mail to your accounts


I have had very bad (negative) experiences with using fake FB accounts.

I can’t find the email option to link accounts to, in the IOS version of PQ, am i looking for it in all the wrong places?


Do you already have the Android device?

I don’t crapple.

Because you could probably submit a ticket to perblue, prove it was your account (s) and ask them to manually add your email or Google details to your account, or link the Android device to your accounts in some fashion.

Once they appeared on your Android device, you could then add the play games / Google / email recovery methods left to add, yourself


The only time I have had any issues with Facebook burners, is when the other perso…
Sorry, when I , me , obviously… Phew…
Forgot to remove the Facebook details off of the account I was moving to a separate device for archiving reasons.

So when I moved another account using the same id, it popped up on the next perso…
Sorry… On my other device.
That I was also archiving on.
Pesky multiple servers.

Since Facebook started using that horrible “Facebook app manager” stealth download when you install their app, I would never use Facebook to back up any accounts on any device.

It took me ages enough to get my Kindle store back to opening correctly in my Kindle app, since I used a burner Amazon account to buy something off of the American store on my daily driver by mistake.

Pesky “helpful” app cache / data.


Who use Facebook app manager
I sometimes link to my FB and mail ofc
and I bypass F.A.M


I didn’t use it on purpose lol
As long as you don’t have the Facebook app on your device it’ll be fine anyway.

Pesky social media.


Yes, I have LG Pad 7, recent Android update and experience getting kicked out 3-6 times daily. Was blaming Android, now rethinking that…


Never mind kicking out…

I can’t even log in :wink:


Either good timing
you waited 12 hours to say that


PQ was down.
I was bored.


Thanks, I’ll look I’m to this option.


Hmm, so you are having issues on Android also…

How powerful is the Android device you use, I suspect that PQ requires a lot of power.

I’m basing this on the fact that I experienced less issues when playing on a newer (more powerfull) IOS device.


I have an android and I connect all accounts to my gmail. Sometimes to my facebook but usually I don’t. Its not worth transcending to. :grinning: