Game glitch in war


A double glitch on both sides ON FINAL ATTACK in war!!!
Both sides in war were at last attack, both attacks freeze. Both lines are lost due to glitch. Then you give ap back after glitch, not according to your regeneration timer. That cost us the war against top guild. Wasted a top player in our guild line. If anything the war should of been draw. Your AP regeneration timer was wrong. We worked very hard for a victory for a glitch to take that away from us.

Nice job Antidote in war, but Perblue glitch had the final decision :rage::rage::rage:


So you’re saying you and enemy got the same "glitch"
While you both were 1 attack from winning, and you both had the same glitch?
Rare moment, truth?

Possible your teammate who attacked had a crash/freeze due to his phone and not the game?
1 line lost isn’t a lot, so his line is 10 times better than the rest of the guild lines?
Context to the AP regeneration timer was wrong?

Send a ticket btw


Both sides had the glitch


Yes our Keep hitters are usually the most skilled and leveled players. And regeneration timer said 32 min which was false because it gain back before that. So because of the double glitch we lose.


Ask antidote about double glitch they will tell you your moment of truth.


Maybe you not understand me: final attack in Keep both sides, game glitches both sides, we lose strong line in glitch which was a definite win, opponent also loses the line they attacked with. So both sides have to wait for ap regeneration. Timer states 32min but gives back before that they make final attack we lose.


The attacking player were AP capped, so you had to wait for him?


Antidote is s1 right?


I have waited for the 32 min timer, so many times
and never experienced it, not giving me the AP

Could still be a minor glitch for you guys


Still everything that happend is so rare.
Everything included the chances of everything is so small and legendary.

Doesn’t mean I don’t believe you, just stating the fact that all of it that happend is so rare


During the double glitch our guy went into fight screen game freezes. Same for opponent. Both sides show under attack for a while. Then both sides lose lines they used. Then attacks are available again. But timer says 1hr and some minutes but states 32 min for regeneration. Regeneration happens in 5min for some odd reason they caught that before us and hit last line, so it’s several issues that happened.


So the people who could attack
Were either AP capped or sleeping?



No we had other hitters but ap timer was wrong


yes and no


The process for the timer to go from 1 hour and X minutes to 32 minutes
Is that the timer needs to finish its current countdown before it can start from 32 minutes

So after that timer is done, the rest will be 32 minutes
So you guys just got unlucky at the moment the day that the PQ system tell the war scripts to give it 32 minutes is purely text based and the system who keeps track of the timer is differen’t and will reset after current timer is done


But ap is given 5min after SS so they attacked so timer info was misleading


They got AP after 5 min?
or you guys got it


if the SS from the guy who attacked or someone else?

because the timer isn’t the same for everyone btw


Wasn’t no 1hr wait it was 5min that it was given back but they caught that ap given back and attacked. So a double glitch and a AP glitch