Game glitch in war


I’d say say any glitch is worth complaining about. And even though both sides were affected, I’m not sure that makes it totally fair per se. Isn’t it possible that had neither side had the glitch, Phoenix had a better chance of winning than if there’d been no glitch since they were unaware of the ap regen schedule?


I’d say they had a better chance of winning due to the glitch. Antidote was most certainly going to finish first at noon EST, at least with the glitch they were given a second chance, regardless of whether or not they knew the regen schedule.


Why do you talk about Antidote in 3rd person?
if you represent the guild in this conversation

This have nothing to do with topic, just something I think about
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I disagree you guys were beat!!!


Beat epic in one day you guys were about to get the same. We will see you again for sure!!!


So are you saying if the double glitch never happened you would of won?


Ummm I think this is you :see_no_evil:


This doesnt make no sense


This is me


Mici is Rainbow, Dark_Cloud


Any good player or guild knows that timer bug has existed for a long time, unlucky


Any good player or guild would have made a plan b, and carry on with their life, unlucky


Any good player or guild would have just submitted a ticket

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Any good player doesn’t come to guilds and leave 5 man cleans and leaves just saying :thinking: and if this is an on going problem why hasn’t been fixed


Be grateful @JustGrabIt only left a five man clean and left.

We were lucky on S1 when they left no pants , alleging they were leaving the game to turn up in a new guild the day after.

Poor bunny legion on S2 were not as lucky :frowning:
Silly Wabbit


My issue is for game to fix problems. So if you have a problem with what I speak you surely can pass this post, have a plan a B, and carry on with life :sunglasses: