Game glitch in war


The logs and outcome of the war say otherwise :joy::sunglasses:
Regardless of what transpired the war went to antidote
Suck it up and put up your best again next time and try again.

Gracious in defeat is how you supposed to be


Can’t wait to see you in war, so I can give you some of that gracious defeat feeling, and don’t worry it won’t be a glitch deciding that one :joy::joy::joy:


Sweet!!! Bring it on :wink:
Only time I get salty is when I run out of torches so best of luck winding me up :joy::joy:


Cotton is almost as impossible to upset or offend as I am, so good luck with that…

As for me, I turn up and do my two (occasionally three) war hits as needed.
The rest of the war is determined by who turns up when.

If I didn’t used to get upset at my own guild not turning up when I used to hit eight or ten times in war in comfortably numb, I really don’t have the energy to care at all about the opponent :wink:

I hope that this glitch was actually submitted as a ticket, so that there’s possibly a slim chance something can be done about it…


Never mind…


Who is this person that keeps talking to me like I care :joy::joy::joy:



(more words)


Take a back seat @SueyJitSu :joy::joy::joy:


10 days later hmmmm

(less words)


Ooooooohhhhh back seat?
I dun get it


Dun? I see why you “don’t” get it :joy::joy::joy:


Keep those Pom Poms waving :joy::joy:


I dun understand?


I donut understand