Game is not working

Can’t get in game at all

I can only get on last server I was in, can’t switch. Others can get on 11, no one can get on 8.

We’re looking into this!

Our war on s1 has reset and we now have no opponent, is this getting rectified?

And S11 is now not working :grin:

Yeah looks like we’ve been unqueued too :slight_smile:

That’s ours back :blush:

And ours too!

Well someone on s11 got back in… and was in our old guild which we left 2 wks ago​:grin::joy:

PB we do love you :orange_heart:

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Well I can switch between s1 and s8. But when I attempt to go to s11, I get booted from the game.

Can’t get onto s11

Can get onto s1&8

Same here lmao

S11 and s8 all good atm. Thank you!!

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