Game keeps taking me out of queue

I keep queuing for war. Then log in to hit some lines and I’m not at war. This has been happening for quite some time now. And before ppl chime in to say someone is probably taking us out of queue, I’m sure this isn’t the case. It used to stay queued until it was taken out of queue.
Can we please fix this as it’s becoming quite annoying. Regards Wolvezz

Someone is probably…

Oh, wait.

But they probably are.
How many commanders and war chiefs do you have?
Demote them and see if it happens again.

Orrrrrrrrr, log in just before war :slight_smile:

Because if it’s not one of your guildmates, it’s odd that it’s only happening to your guild…

Rather than post here.
Submit a ticket in game.
Per blue can actually check the logs, and tell you who’s clicking the button.

Tell all your guildmates that before you do it.
Weird how it’ll stop

:fu: do this :blush:

That’s some sensible advice you’ve quoted there… :wink:

That happened to both my guilds too. We qued during war for the next war, when next war came we were not in it. I started to que after war and haven’t had an issue

Has just happened to our guild aswell!! Really annoying when you want to try climbing the ranks and have now lost a tier level & crowns (If we had won)!

If you can meet triu…

If you can meet WITH triumph and disaster,
And treat those two imposters just the same.

If you’re going to quote, get it right.
While I’m here, let’s set up the old joke…

Do you like Kipling, @Specs?

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