Game kicked asking to download

So the game froze right after we got the " server update in 15 minutes" notification. I closed the game and tried to reopen, now it wont let me back in without downloading an update. I’m going to assume I cant play now until update is over, but should I also not be downloading anything yet? Like in the past how ppl have been locked out by downloading things to early?

Did the same to me, yet I clicked the game, walked away and was downloading. I was able to get back in game.

Same here after update it worked

Yeah but perblue has said in the past that we shouldnt download anything before the update is ready cuz it can screw up our accts or lock us out. Trying to make sure this wont be the case for after the update is done

So is the update over? I downloaded during update and now all am getting is that game i unavaible…

There will likely be data from the server to download, but there isn’t a new client required from the app store. The update is finished now, so you should be able to log into the game.

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