Game restarted what the heck


I started played 15 days ago and got all my hero’s to level 54 I was playing today at 3 o clock band all was well I get back on the game and all my progress has been taking away and I’m back to level 1 what has happened to all my progress in the game why was taken from me


Did you link your account to either FB, game center, google play or a mail?

If not, you’re f**** / rip you


That happened to me once. Somehow I ended up starting a new game on server 8 when I was already on server 5. Click your icon on the top left and choose accounts. See if you find your original game.


idk, how you both can change server by “accident”, if that is the case with him


Thank you so much man you were right my old account is still there I just went with the other one and to level 45 but 54 is way better thanks a ton!!!