Game won't open


Game won’t open. Game opened fine this morning. Now it freezes halfway into ‘Creating world’. Ideas to fix?


Clear game cache?
Reinstall app?
Check if you have a good internet connection?


Thanks for the response Turtle. 1) how does one clear the game cache on a phone, 2) Internet access is not the issue. 3) reinstall is an option (I assume my data isn’t lost… hopefully the backup works). Thanks


Ignore the question of the cache. I found it under Settings. I cleared it, but made no difference.


The only option might be reinstall app

But make sure your account(s) are connected to something mail/game center/google play apps/facebook


Uninstalled and reinstalled. Now I have a brand new world. Can anyone tell me how to restore?


I think/thought my account is with a Gmail account. How do I ‘link’ to it from a new world? Or do I uninstall and reinstall differently. Thanks.


In the new world I didn’t progress enough to get to a portrait yet. Do I do that to get to a recovery method?


That’s what I did and was able to get back to my current state. Thanks.


Click your portrait to open the account menu. Press the Accounts button at the bottom. Press Lost Account. Connect your current account to some kind of recovery method. Press FAQ if your old account doesn’t show up. Follow account recovery that it tells you to do.


Thanks for the help. I’m recovered. :blush:


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