Gear Pieces New Chapters Give


Not all the potential gear pieces you can obtain are listed in levels from chapter 8 & 9. This list’s purpose is to list all obtainable gear pieces from these levels that aren’t shown.

I don’t have all the information currently. The list will be filled in as the information is obtained (aka as soon as others and myself able to test). If you’d like to help just post an image of the loot from whatever level I’ll update the list.

8-1: Early Retirement, Butcher’s Hackblade
8-2: Eye Boggling Potion, Candy Necklace, Scroundrel’s Vestment
8-3: Respected Ambassador, Belt of Many Holes
8-4: Zigzag Dagger, Acupuncture Bow
8-5: Stud Gloves, Handguard of Dueling, Wanderer’s Staff
8-6: Carob Chips, Bronze Nugget, Entish Toothpicks
8-7: Dwarven Beard, Flattering Robe, Diary of Poorly Kept Secrets

9-1: Throwdown Gauntlet, Murse, Uncomfortable Pauldron
9-2: Flattering Robe, Pungent Beans, Pendant of Taunting
9-3: Dwarven Beard, Early Retirement, Stale Biscuit
9-4: Dungeon Boss Sword, Festive Vest
9-5: Elven Last Resort, Crystal Ball, Blade of Backstabbing
9-6: Flattering Robe, Elven Last Resort, Uncomfortable Pauldron
9-7: Chipper Chopper, Steel Neck Brace

Chapter 10 has no “hidden” items!

List highest level drop locations for items

Chapter 9 level 1. Throwdown gauntlet. Murse.
Chapter 9 level 2. Pendant of taunting.
Chapter 9 level 3. Early retirement. Stale biscuit. Dwarven beard
Chapter 9 level 4. Dungeon boss sword. Festive vest.


Thanks for the help! :grinning:


I hope you realize that some loot can radomly drop even if not listed. Sometimes i get two nurses in one try and get like 9 geaf pieces dropping same time :stuck_out_tongue:


Those are not really random, but just loot with lower chance to drop without being mentioned on the loot list. :slight_smile: If you spam your stamina on the same stage, you can see that the items are always the same.


There’s a method to the madness. :slightly_smiling_face:


8-6: Carob chips, Bronze nugget, Entish Toothpicks.
8-3: Belt of the Metal Umlaut, Respected Ambassador.
8-4: Accupuncture Bow, Zigzag Dagger.
8-1: Butcher’s Hackblade, Early Retirement.
8-7 Dwarven Beard Flute,Diary of Poorly Kept Secrets. Flattering Robes.


I do plan to update this with the new chapter release from 1.6.


Update: Chapter 10 has no “hidden” items!


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All items etc in current campaigns, including hidden…


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