Gems and how pricey they are


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Spend the 19.99 on the deal, its probably your best bet.


time to buy it when there are no deals up :+1:


Like i said in that other topic. DIAMONDS


To make any Gem you need a few things 50 shards of the hero your working on that is epic and orange and 20 epic shards that he needs then you need vials of strength and vitality say your making sparkel pony witch is a healer type hero you want to use 100% vitality vials to turn your gem blue and first gem Takes 10,000 vials witch you get in fortress after your team wins the match . hope this has helped you to learn more about making gems

. I made a purple gem by using 50% strength and 50% vitality


Uhm you do know he’s talking about Diamonds?, he say gems instead of diamonds, like many weird people do apparently


Oh I thought he was talking about making gem’s not diamonds. There easy buy them or play other games to earn them.


Technically, they’re called crystals, not gems.:wink:


I was gonna say that, haha


Im glad i called them gems. Cause i know all about diamonds. But you all gave me useful info about gems. Thank you!


It took you 2 months to reply to your own topic


I was talking about gems. Dungeon stalker gsve me the best answer. It was the only post already created about gems. I know about the diamonds. Is it already possible to create gems for different characters or do we have to wait for an update for that to.


They’re called Crystals, not gems it even says Crystals if you look. Idk why you keep calling them gems, ofc it would be hard for most people to help you when you don’t use the right words.


OK yes Crystal’s you can make for each hero if you have enough vials of strength and vitality each lv of Crystal takes 10,000 vials you want to make strength there are two ways use 10,000 strength witch is 100% or 72% strength and the rest vitality you still get your strength Crystal at 100%. Hope this helps you and others out. For server 1 we have 3 Crystal’s


Thanks. I messed up calling them that. Im the guild leader and was flustered with other stuff. All of a sudden these pop up. So thanks for understanding. Im on server 8. So I’ve seen how far ahead you are compared to me.


Technically… they’re diamonds - stop trying to confuse other people. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: