General advice for team comps


Whats the best way of figuring out what troops are the best any general advice on making a team for various things?


Best way is trying them.

Failing that, it’s looking at the top teams in arena and seeing their defences.
Or fighting a top ranked guild, and looking at their defences, and what they hit you with.

Working out combination synergy on hero skills.

Like pony causes bleeds and makes opponent’s aspects irrelevant.
Scion multiplies bleeds and boosts focus hero damage .
So pairing them with a focus damage hero like hex (non epic) or bowman (when you get to epic) works really well…

With a front line of tanks like ginger (boosts focus again)
Warblade (puts up shields to slow enemies getting past them)
Or stone (focus , so harder hitting with the boosts, also silences opponent)

Would work well.

Orrrrrrrrr… Totem prince to jump around the opponent’s, causing extra bleeds on top and also boosted by focus …
Would be a good first line, especially for war where the minion wave would boost skills.

For things like crusade or campaign, you want skills that happen after waves , or holding skills

So fox (sleeps and energy boost between waves)
Binder (health and possession)
Mass (stuns)
With claw (heals)
And either brawler (for fast damage)
Or ginger warden or ice (tanks with spoiler skills)

You can make one team to rule them all until red rarity.

Shield maiden
Wander woman
Oasis guardian
Dragon heir
Sparkle pony

Wander rages (with epic blesses) your heroes.
Pony makes opponents weak to all aspects. Any hits that happen before this aren’t as effective.
Maiden steals energy and does more damage
Oasis bunches everyone together so wander area of effect damage hits everyone.
Dragon makes the floor lava.

These are all very useful to have up and pressing them in that order is most efficient