Get Guild Shop Quests out of Portal Lords server 9


Hi Portal Quests, you are ruining Portal Lords for server 9 by adding all those Shop quests, we only got the update with Shop yesterday, want be possible for almost any guild to do even one Shop quest. In addition to that, when we just deleted all Shop quests the picture on the SS is how the tasks looked 2 hours later so 5/7 new quests in that time was new Shop quests that we could just delete ones again


You could still do them
Some guilds farm guild shop everyday


Everyday? Thats interesting as Guild Shop only has been an option for 20h, are you sure you see what server I am talking about?


Keep getting exact same quests???


When you dismiss a quest, it gets cycled back to the end of the list, so you will likely see it appear again once you’ve worked through all the other available quests.

I’ll be sure the team sees your feedback about the shop quests on server 9.


We get the exact same 5 Quests 2 dismisses in a row @Polaris Is was the same bug with some other quests 1 or 2 Portal Lords ago on server 9


Oh, didn’t know it just came :confused:

Thought it was a starter option when you buy the perk


Besides, we are too busy buying mage towers upgrades to even think about the guild shop lol


Aaaaaand same 5 Quests again 3rd time in a row, LOL please fix this bug


Nothing you can do about it except deleting those quests.

End of topic


Per blue aware
Can’t / won’t fix it tomorrow
No need to fix it for next month, as guild shop will have been a thing

Sadly out of luck


Do you want the best method of unlocking the guild shop levels thus earning you better chances to post the required items for said quests???

Bulk donate full gear
Elven last resort and beestaff full gear

Donate 500 of those for 304xp each and you’ll blitz the shop levels
Easy to farm on s9. Even better with today’s scrap collector contest
What more do. You need. To get this maxxed out???
Ask away is the best practice
Shop xp level 12 can be done in a week if whole guild donates these items in bulk
Making life easy :sunglasses:


You forgot the first step of donating up to 2999 scrip of something else first, then donate all.

You will get there even faster… :wink:


I appreciate it’s a drop in the ocean compared to the experience from that, but it all adds up