Getting flagged spoiled my fun 😂


Getting flagged on patch notes sucks…

Hahaha we did say the oversight would arrive though. Good times were had regardless :innocent:

We all get bored

Having to flag all the off topic post in the patch notes makes me angry…


Apologies for those :wink:
Maybe we should in future link the comment to a separate thread to play out our antics
Will make your job much easier I’m sure :joy:

Ruffalo is the best!! Cotton approves of your choice of Hulk


On ds discourse an admin and I believe a regular could separate comments into a new post. If I knew how, I should have done that with the completely random fortress tokens question. I have problems not answering questions that I know the answer to…

Apparently I have many problems…


Hmm I k ow how to do most of the stuff here and such… I need to brush up on the formalities of that though. Never done it before



All of our responses were on topic , following the random post.
I honestly hadn’t realised what thread we were on at first…

And then…

Ouch :frowning:


Ahh figured it out…

The chain link thingy icon next to the like
Go there and it has the + sign… This is the continue discussion in new post :wink:


Staying on topic…

Do people think Kenny Omega is going to AEW or WWE?


Oh my how out of touch with that I am… Just had to Google who he was :joy:
Well considering he’s told wwe he won’t be signing their deal he’s deffo leaving there… Not sure what or where to though :sunglasses:


Now see, if I had taken just a moment or two at midnight last night to figure that out, I could have saved all of us much distress. But now I know…



Sorry Polaris. Hadn’t realized it was off topic. I thought it was still on topic with the update but I guess not…


I hate getting gettingflagged to


What did you say?




Bumping old posts makes me like


Hey who flagged this!!
Hate getting flagged :rofl::rofl:




Not actually sure what was inappropriate here

That’s my kind of party
Tasteful male stripper

Certianly there was no actual full frontal nudity , and the clip aired pre watershed back in the day…

Poor WWE can’t catch a break anywhere


Poor Mici