Gifting Deals to Friends


I LOVE that you can gift some of the deals to other players but I would love it even more if this was expanded to include the Daily Deal and/or some of the smaller $ deals.
(Unless I’m missing something this is not currently the case?)

There are times when I want to reward a small behaviors but the more expensive deals are overkill.
Right now I use Line stickers or small gift cards to accomplish this but the ability to do it in game would be so much better and more convenient. Particularly with obstacles that exist with using gift cards internationally.


If could gift the 4.99 300 stam packs deals that would be sweet as a way to say thanks to players :sunglasses:


Especially when they stack four or five times.

Oh… Wait…

They don’t do that any more :frowning:


Definitely think in guild gifting should be a thing. Only you shouldn’t have to spend more money on thus game. You should be able to gift anything in your inventory to another guild members. Maybe a limit on how much you can send each day but definitely should be able to gift items to guild members!!!


That I disagree with.
I think that the only items you should be able to gift are those purchased with money personally.

Gifting from inventory too easy to abuse by running a bunch of farm alts.
The only way to control it would be to set a limit of what could be received, not what could be sent.


Sounds perfectly logical. I agree with your fix for the idea. Limit on help received. But this game gets plenty of money without having to charge to gift guild members, rather than out of inventory.


The request has nothing to do with whether the game needs more money. Its to make spending the money I’m already spending easier for me (and probably others :slight_smile: ). I’m GOING to buy things for my guildies it would just be much easier for me to buy them a deal than it is to go through getting a country appropriate gift card code and sending it to them so that they can then spend it on the deal I would have just bought them.


But then there’s those like me that would like to gift guild members as well but cannot afford to spend money to give them things that I already have an excess of in my inventory. You should be able to gift in guild, but like you said and I agreed there should be limit to the amount received per day/week.