Gifting Hero Shards..Guild Perk

I've been playing PL for a while now, and pretty much enjoy most aspects of the game... Some areas need tweaking but they have all pretty much been discussed and are under review so....

Anyway, somehow :wink::wink: I seem to have hero shards rolling out of my single S7 account…
As one of the leadership team in a guild if someone in the guild needs a few shards, could there be an option to gift that member from your own personal account ?? Maybe this could be a simple tick box against against each member that only activates after a member has been in the guild “x” amount of time?? (To stop the usual guild hoppers :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

Just an idea…selling shards off for 2k gold each is just from my POV not worth it… :poop::poop::poop::poop::poop:

I don’t know if its much of an idea but if you dont ask!!:sunglasses::innocent::grin:


Several others had this idea before you & now we have the guild shop :poop::poop::poop:
I could understand if you wanted to gift gear, but hero shards?!
Seeing that we need 15 hero shards for each epic lvl up (starting with lvl 150), I won’t even dream about throwing them to someone else :see_no_evil:
Maybe the ones I absolutely neglect, but I doubt anyone would want them, tbh…


There’d have to be some sort of lowish limit. Whales have tens of thousands of shards, so it could be easily abused.


Lol Just an idea, the guild shop is okay, but as many have pointed out, the daily script level is too low…
It would take a decent level of control to prevent it being abused, I agree with that :smiling_imp:

End of the day its just an idea :wink::wink:


I think whales pay enough for more than ine person so if they have extras to give away it’s not “abuse” it would just be one of the many perks for habing them in there guild. If i habe plenty of extra shards for every hero id give thek to people in my guild with most influence for the week or the top 5 scorers in PL get 25 shards each for a hero of there choosing(if i habe the extra) it would encourage more game play if guild leaders could reward there guild members in this way and would keep players who pay less often interested in the game leading to future purchases.


Or, you could just gift the best one with a deal :smirk:

It’s a disturbing read, if you put a german word into an english text, continuously :neutral_face:


Its actually just a type-o, my brains faster than my hands so when i get worked up i just mess up alot lol…suppose I should use spell check


In the end the meaning is the same, but better double or triple check what you have written :yum: