Ginger Beard "Dwarven Kiss" Priority List


This is a list detailing which heroes Ginger Beard will prioritize hitting with his “Dwarven Kiss” skill. If you find errors with it, please post them so I can update the list. List will also be updated when new heroes get added.

Edit: Some people have contacted me saying that some heroes on the list are incorrect. It appears that depending on the level of your heroes the targeting will change. I’m currently working on maxing all my heroes so as I continue to max them out I will update the list.

  1. Cogmaster
  2. War Blade
  3. Stone Guard
  4. Totem Prince
  5. Loyal Squire
  6. Feral Brute
  7. Ginger Beard
  8. Skull Buster
  9. Swashbuckler
  10. Light Warden
  11. Elder Mohawk
  12. Wander Woman
  13. Forest Hermit
  14. Princess Portal
  15. Grizzled Hunter
  16. Hex Witch
  17. Satyr Fox
  18. Rogue Bowman
  19. Nightstalker
  20. Mystic Punk
  21. Mass Destruction
  22. Highwayman
  23. Void Caster
  24. Storm Wizard
  25. Willow Druid
  26. Spell Binder


Are you sure about this? I feel like he prioritizes brute over squire. it seems like this is based on power, so shouldn’t elder be higher?


I tested all the different combinations with crusade and a few help from some people in VIP. To my knowledge this is all correct.

Just retested a ginger beard vs squire + brute and he targeted squire.


I see, I stand corrected then. Were both the squire and brute maxed with full items and skills?


No they weren’t, but at the same time the power level of a good amount of heroes I tested with varied. For example cogmaster was considerably lower than most of the others yet giver beard almost always targeted cog (save for when the ones above him on the list were also used).

So I don’t believe current power has an effect on who ginger beard targets.


This is based on Ginger targetting heroes where? If he is lined up across from them or … ?


Regardless of position.

So say you have an enemy with Stone guard on the left and Cogmaster on the right. Ginger beard, no matter where you place him, will go for Stone guard. So if you want ginger beard to go diagonal (so he could hit both front line heroes with special skill for instance) you would place ginger beard on the right. If you would want him to just go straight you would place him on the left, directly opposite from stone guard.

Regardless of where he gets placed, he would always go for stone guard in that scenario.


@Ironangel Could you provide some details as to how Ginger Beard chooses his target to rush at? Based on my current heroes the list above is correct but others have contacted me saying they are getting different results, which leads me to believe it’s more to do with current/overall potential power/gear/stars.

@Major_Armstrong It appears that depending on how built up the hero is the list can change, so you were correct. My apologizes. I’m maxing out my heroes currently so I’ll update the list for maxed heroes soon.

Side note though, I hope stars aren’t accounted for in his charge because if they are it might be a while for the list to be completed accurately haha.


It’s not fun if Devs help at data mining. Players should dig more about it. :slight_smile:


Fake list :stuck_out_tongue: just used totem and stone guard.

And totem goat kissed.

Haha but most od the times it is accurate


List is very old and I haven’t had the chance to update it yet what with the level cap increases.


Im kidding:) just said it so people would not follow it blindly.

But i appreciate the list ^.^


Tried it yesterday on both S1 and S2 with different results. These are the results I got:

Server 1:

  1. Totem Prince
  2. Cogmaster
  3. War Blade
  4. Howling Claw
  5. Stone Guard
  6. Feral Brute
  7. Light Warden
  8. Wander Woman
  9. Skull Buster
  10. Elder Mohawk
  11. Noob Hero
  12. Loyal Squire
  13. Ginger Beard

(Not tested: Scarred, Swash)

Server 2:

  1. Cogmaster
  2. Warblade
  3. Feral Brute
  4. Stone Guard
  5. Elder Mohawk
  6. Loyal Squire
  7. Wander Woman
  8. Ginger Beard
  9. Light Warden
  10. Skull Buster
  11. Swashbuckler

I thought it was pretty weird. And as you can see, both lists differs from yours.


Do you have maxed heroes? It has been noticed before that the lists differ for different levels of heroes.


No, but I have tried most combos in arena/tournament/Crusade (my Ginger, their targets) with the same results - even if the star difference is the other way around.

It appears the priority list changes each update/hero addition.

Oh, sorry: all heroes were max level on S2.


Ok solved it.

Dwarfen kiss will always prioritize the hero with the maximum overall power. First among the front lane. If no front lane is alive it will target the back lane.

Aka. No hero is prioritized. So it depends on star gear and how much the enemy is skilled up.

You can ofc see a pattern if heros are maxed on everything due to a max power setting that differce from every hero :stuck_out_tongue: